SATA partnership Formula Student

SATA Backs Formula Student Team

SATA sponsors the Formula Student team of Politecnico di Milano. 

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Formula Student Sponsorship Announcement

SATA Formula Student Car
SATA Backs Formula Student Team

Dynamis PRC is the Formula Student team of Politecnico di Milano. We are pleased to sponsor the passionate and enthusiastic Dynamics PRC team.

Established in 2004, the team comprises 130 engineering and design students who annually create a prototype race car. They compete in Formula Student, facing over 600 teams worldwide. Categories include combustion, electric, and driverless cars.

Since 2020, Dynamis races with a fully electric car and made a notable debut in the driverless category in 2022, achieving 2nd place in Germany and Hungary. The evident success underscores their dedication and skill set. 

SATA Formula Student Car
Join this years races!

This year the team will participate in four races:

Formula ATA (Italy, Varano de’ Melegari circuit) – July 12th to 16th 
FSA (Austria, Red Bull Ring) – July 22nd to 27th 
FS East (Hungary, Hungaroring) – August 1st to 6th
FSG (Germany, Hockeheimring) – August 14th to 20th

We wish them a lot of success in the upcoming competitions. Follow our Social Channels to stay informed about the latest activities and events.