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Unveiling the SATA Toolbox Hero

Attention tool enthusiasts! Our highly anticipated survey results are in, and we're thrilled to reveal the SATA Toolbox Hero.

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Tool Box Hero Winner

The votes are in: Unveiling the SATA Toolbox Hero

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the search of your SATA Toolbox Hero!
It was an intense competition, with two standout tools battling it out until the very end. And now the moment has arrived to crown your SATA Toolbox Hero!

We are thrilled to announce that the Double Ratcheting Wrench has emerged as the champion and your ultimate SATA Toolbox Hero

Equipped with ratcheting functionality on both the open end and box end, the SATA Double Ratcheting Wrench offers unparalleled versatility. Its sleek head design allows you to effortlessly access even the tightest spots, enabling you to reach nuts and bolts swiftly without the hassle of removing the wrench from the fastener. Additionally, its impressive 5° ratcheting arc makes removing fasteners much easier.

There's no doubt that the Double Ratcheting Wrench deserved to win and be your SATA Toolbox Hero.

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Introducing the podium

Let's reveal the results of this great showdown! Here are the products that have also made it to the winner's podium:

2nd Place: 120XP Professional Ratchet 

With its 1/2-inch drive the 120XP Professional ratchet is perfect for tightening or loosening fasteners on vehicles and other machinery as well as removing heavily rusted, stuck-on nuts and bolts. 120 positions and 3° ratcheting arc allow to turn fasteners in tight confines. Double-stacked pawls engage a 60-tooth gear, providing exceptional strength and faster operation. Teardrop, low-profile head offers better access, while the flush-mounted on/off switch lets you change directions effortlessly.

Image of ST34399T

3rd Place: Thin Wall Impact Sockets

Thin Wall Impact Sockets for use with impact drivers come with single hex fastermer end and are available as standard and deep sockets and feature off-corner loading. Their large easy ID size markings offer easy size identification. Black oxide finish to resist corrosion. 

SATA Tool Bag in use
Congratulations to all 25 winners of the SATA Tool Bag!

Your expertise and preference for quality tools have paid off. In the coming days, we will contact the lucky winners of the SATA Tool Bag, so be sure to check your inboxes to see if you're among the lucky recipients.